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A writer, photographer, husband and animal lover with a day job in Technology. I live with my wife, daughter, stepson, four cats, three dogs, two sheep, seven hens, two rabbits, a king snake, a crested gecko, and an albino corn snake in the wilds of Maine.

Finding Focus

In a world that’s so fixated on things like Facebook and Twitter, where do we find our focus? Microsoft has done a study showing how technology coupled with these services has begun to degrade our attention span and cause us … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion

My previous post is in regards to the short story I have had published in a small horror anthology based here in the great state of Maine. This is just me plugging that anthology again and asking everybody to go … Continue reading

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Published Short Story

I have a short story that’s just been published in a horror anthology by Maine authors. I ask that you please go and buy it. Then talk about how awesome my story is. Thank you.

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Writing Time

The truth is that I don’t post here nearly as often as I should. I have a very full life with a teenager, a two and a half year old, and another on the way. Add that to a full … Continue reading

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Book Writing

It’s been a long time since I’ve managed to finish a book I was writing. I have eight done and I’m working on 9, 10, and 11. Since they all tie together in a way, I swap between them due … Continue reading

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Sometimes you need a catalyst to make necessary changes in your life. Sometimes that catalyst is something small, sometimes something big. I know I harbor a lot of anger, though I’m not really certain why. It’s been fun to blame … Continue reading

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More Friend Stuff

I sometimes find it strange to realize that some of the people who were once simply acquaintances in college have managed to become people that you really care about. I’m finding this out about a friend of mine in L.A. … Continue reading

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