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I sometimes find it strange to realize that some of the people who were once simply acquaintances in college have managed to become people that you really care about. I’m finding this out about a friend of mine in L.A. with whom I attended Emerson. During our years there our paths would cross only on occasion and I would try, awkwardly, to flirt with her from time to time. That flirting thing was never something I was very good at, but that’s for another post sometime. Maybe.

Graduation happened and then we lost touch for many years until we reconnected at the 10 year reunion. It was there that we started to talk a little more and then connected through the evil that is Facebook (though it does some good, as this post is demonstrating). Since then, I’ve found solace in knowing that she’s on the other side of the keyboard and can genuinely make me laugh with a few typed words. We both have kids now, though neither of us have met the other’s offspring, and I always hope that one day my daughter can play with her children. It probably means breaking the one rule I ever really set for myself, which was NEVER visit L.A.

Anyway, I think that sometimes we forget that we can have real connections through the keyboard. Just because we’re at a distance doesn’t mean there’s any less there.

There’s something else that people often times choose to overlook when it comes to friendships, and it’s not something that anybody should feel bad about, or slighted by.

I don’t know if she views me in the same way. I know she has many friends, and a great support system in L.A. The truth is, I don’t care. The people who we care about don’t always have the same level of care back toward us. This isn’t a bad thing – this isn’t something that we should feel embarrassed by or made uncomfortable by (within reason – don’t stalk somebody, people).

It’s nice to know that there’s somebody out there who can make me laugh. And yet another parent I can bother for parenting advice when I get flustered.


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